american graffiti day


American Graffiti Day will be held Wednesday, October 27th. This annual event  serves as a celebration after seventh graders finish the classic  S. E. Hinton novel, The Outsiders
Every year, students mark the occasion by dressing up as members of the greasers or the socs. Students wear madras, khakis, leather and jean jackets, and hair grease to turn the seventh grade halls into a scene from the book. Students also rotate through stations in the morning enjoying activities and competitions centered around The Outsiders. The afternoon is spent feasting one's eyes on The Outsiders movie and one's tastebuds on a root beer float. 


On the 27th, students will be rotating through stations which relate to the book. Pinkston Middle School is asking for donations to help students enjoy the day. Click HERE to find the donations still needed for the seventh graders. Students love the chance to get out of the classroom, work together,  build lifelong memories during American Graffiti Day.