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Pinkston Middle School Library Media Center 

Media Center Hours – 8:00 A.M. to 3:20 P.M. – Monday through Friday 

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When May I Visit the Library Media Center? 

You may visit any day and time of your choice if you have a Library Media Center Pass around your neck.  You may get a pass from your classroom teacher.  Please return the pass to your teacher before the dismissal bell rings.  If you lose or break the pass, you will be responsible for paying for $2.00 for its replacement. 

How do I Check Out Books?

Books are checked out for two weeks but may be returned anytime during the two weeks and exchanged for other books.  Books may only be rechecked one time for two additional weeks.  If you need it longer than a month, please talk with Ms. Czeschin.  It is not necessary to have your book with you to recheck. There is a limit of three (3) items that may be checked out at one time.  Overdue materials must be returned before more materials may be checked out.   

What Is the Gate as I Come Into the Library? 

The gate that you walk through as you enter and leave the library is a check out reminder.  If you forget to check out a book, the gate will beep as you walk through it to remind you to go back and have your materials scanned. 

Are There Other Materials that I Can Check Out Other Than Books? 

YES!  The following materials may be used in the media center or checked out for  OVERNIGHT USE ONLY:  Encyclopedias & Dictionaries, Magazines (back issues), Videos. If checked out for overnight use, they must be returned no later than 1st hour the next school morning. 

May I Talk in the Library? 

Yes, you may talk, but you must speak in whisper voices so that you will not disturb others.  We want you to enjoy and share with friends the services in the library, however, you will not be allowed to use the library to just “hang out” and visit.  The library is for finding information, checking out books, reading or using the learning stations. When 

May I Use the Computers? 

Anytime that you visit the library if they are available and not already in use.  Computers may be used for locating books or information, word processing and researching.  If you plan to use the internet while in the library without your teacher, please let Ms. Czeschin or Mrs. Hargett know before you begin.  ALL COMPUTER USE IS SUBJECT TO THE ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY THAT YOU AND YOUR PARENT/GUARDIAN READ, SIGNED AND RETURNED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR. 

What Are the Rules of Behavior While in the Library? 

Visiting the Library Media Center is a privilege. Therefore, proper care of equipment and materials plus proper respect for other media center users is required at all times.  COURTESY & RESPECT are the keywords.  School rules apply in the media center just like in other areas of the school.

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